Featured Events

  1. New Summits
    Photo of New Summits

    New Summits

    In a world that is finally waking up to the climate crisis, governments, businesses, academics, and citizenries must rethink old assumptions, map out new development pathways, and set increasingly ambitious whole-of-economy targets. The work of achieving net-zero emissions has only just begun.

  2. Building the Green Consensus
    Photo of Building the Green Consensus

    Building the Green Consensus

    With the world on track to reach 1.5°C of planetary warming by 2040, the Paris agreement’s preferred climate scenarios are slipping out of reach. Countries, cities, businesses, and financial institutions must move quickly to address the increasingly urgent climate adaptation and mitigation challenges

Past Events

  1. Building the Green Consensus

    Building the Green Consensus

    How can new regulatory frameworks and green public finance be used to accelerate private-sector investment in climate mitigation and adaptation?

  2. New Summits

    New Summits

    With another global climate conference approaching, can lofty commitments from governments and industry be converted into meaningful progress?

  3. Investing in Climate Action

    Investing in Climate Action

    How can public and private investment mechanisms be used to achieve a just transition to a “net-zero” emissions economy, both in the European Union and around the world?

  4. Grassroots Globalization

    Grassroots Globalization

    How can we rethink bilateral and multilateral arrangements to maximize opportunities and economic access at all levels of development?

  5. From Paris to 2030

    From Paris to 2030

    Five years after the landmark Paris agreement, can a world that has fallen behind its 2030 climate targets catch up?

  6. The Green Recovery

    The Green Recovery

    Can we harness the post-pandemic recovery to accelerate the transition to renewable energies, reorient business and finance toward sustainable development, and improve our relationship with nature?