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The years of abundant, low-cost financing are long gone, and the new normal of higher interest rates, supply bottlenecks, debt distress, and geopolitical conflict may persist indefinitely. Against this backdrop, the 2023 African Climate Action Summit and Africa Climate Week will feature discussions about how to maintain momentum toward sustainable development efforts across the continent and the rest of the Global South – and follow up on what progress has and hasn’t been made towards the loss and damage fund established at last year’s COP27.

This event is part of our 2023 climate series that will be running through COP28 in December! By registering for this event, you will also receive reminders and updates about future events in the series.



Moderator: Jennifer Zabasajja
Harmonizing Green Growth
With time running out to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate agreement’s 2030 targets, developing countries are faced with the challenge of delivering growth that is not only equitable and robust, but also “green” and resilient against catastrophic loss and damage. What should policymakers do to ensure that these priorities do not compete with each other?
1:00 PMPanel Discussion:
  1. Mohamed Adow, Founder and Director of Power Shift Africa
  2. Carlos Lopes, Professor at the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town, Member of the Board at the World Resources Institute, and Chair of the African Climate Foundation Board
  3. Wangari Muchiri, Director of Africa WindPower at the Global Wind Energy Council
  4. Youba Sokona, Special Adviser for Sustainable Development at the South Centre and a former Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
1:40 PMClosing Remarks
  1. Joyce Banda, Former President of the Republic of Malawi

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  1. Many people here at the bank agree that this was the most professional looking, well moderated, and entertaining event we have supported or participated in... The speakers were top-level and highly knowledgable throughout, and the whole design was very slick.

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