What Economics is Missing


While economic research and policymaking play an increasingly central role in our contemporary, globalized world, the economics discipline has been slow to reach gender parity, leading to blind spots and poorer decision-making across a wide range of issues. With global instability on the rise, empowering women to contribute fully to our understanding of our public problems and their solutions has become an urgent priority. 

Economics Is Missing marks the launch of the IEA’s Women in Leadership in Economics Initiative (IEA-WE), of which PS is a proud media partner.



Moderator: Lizzy Burden
3:00 PMOpening Remarks
  1. Dani Rodrik, President of the IEA and Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard Kennedy School
Women Leaders in Economics: Overcoming the Challenges
One obvious way to tackle gender inequality in economics is simply to promote more women to leadership roles within the discipline. Yet deeper structural impediments show that this option is not as simple as it seems. What more needs to be done to create the conditions for achieving genuine inclusivity in the field - especially for women from the Global South and other traditionally marginalized communities?
3:05 PMPanel Discussion 
  1. Ashwini Deshpande, Professor of Economics at Ashoka University
  2. Raquel Fernández, Professor of Economics at NYU and Director of Women in Economics in LAC (WELAC)
  3. Minouche Shafik, President and Vice Chancellor of the London School of Economics and Political Science and incoming President of Columbia University
  4. Vera Songwe, Chair of the Liquidity and Sustainability Facility and Co-Chair of the High Level Panel on Climate Finance

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